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I was cruising around on SCS earlier and was actually in the My Favorite Things forum.  I found posted there a recipe that many seem to use for their own homemade stamp cleaner.  I have always used Stampin’Up! Cleaner, but I also know how fast I go through it when I’m stamping a lot!  Here are the recipes that were posted!  None of these are my own personal recipe.

Stamp Cleaner Recipes
2 Cups distilled water
2 T Rose Water (purchased at health store)
1 T Baby wash (I used a generic brand)


2 Tablespoons glycerin (in the Rx dept.)
8 oz. distilled water
1 teaspoon baby wash


Simple Green Stamp Cleaner Recipe
When you use the Simple Green, be sure to dilute it. I use mine
strong–1/3 Simple Green, 2/3 water, with a squirt of glycerin. Some
people dilute a lot more, but this is the strength that takes off
StazOn stains for me.

Here is another recipe that was posted for Blender Pen refills.  I haven’t tried this one either.

Blender Pen fluid
1/3 part Glycerin (usually found in pharmacy)
2/3 part Distilled Water (Must be Distilled!)
1/4 tsp. Rubbing Alcohol


1. Carefully remove either end of your pen with pliers, using a light
twisting motion.
2. Add a few drops of the liquid to the Pen. More is not better in this
instance, as too much liquid will result in a runny mess.
3. Replace the tip.
4. Lay Pen on its side overnight.

After making this, use some to flush out your old tip to clean it, before putting it into your blender pen.

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