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My Craft Space

Well, we finally got it done!  Of course there is always more organizing to do, but this is where I’m at right now!  First I’m going to post a couple of pictures of what the space looked like before, and then the big reveal of now!

When we moved into this house almost 3 years ago, I decided I needed more space for my crafts.  I then claimed one whole corner of the basement!  The basement was finished but didn’t have any cabinets so everything continued to pile higher and higher!  Finally I decided enough is enough!


I stole the kids’ bookshelf and bought them a smaller one so they could each have one in their rooms.  That was a great solution for storing my stamps!  Then they started to flow over into extra carts and even one that’s not pictured here, one of the 7 drawer craft carts!  HELP!

So, I decided it was time to take action!  I sold some things on ebay so I could buy some cabinets for the basement. 


I didn’t change much on this table.  I was able to clear off the top of the paper holder, so things and magazines aren’t piled there any more.  I love my paper sorter thingy.  The big one was given to me by a friend who worked for a school district.  Whenever they got new furniture and office supplies, the school always threw everything out in the dumpster!  My friend did a great job of dumpster diving and saved this for me!  The smaller one I found at Sam’s Club.  We purchased a new computer after Thanksgiving last year so I put the other computer on my table.  I love having access to SCS without leaving my spot!


Here is the wall in front of my actual work table.  This is where I sit to do my projects.  The wall before had the little 3 shelf rack.  I LOVE having these cabinets.  I also had a homemade ribbon thingy hanging from the underside of my shelf.  Of course it wasn’t even close enough to holding all my ribbon and it was suspended by ribbon wrapped around the end of a dowel and hooked over a metal hook I screwed into the bottom shelf.
I like this much better!  I found these wire organizers at Lowes and Home Depot.  With the wires running vertically, that created a challenge for those narrow spools of ribbon that would slide right on through!  I cut strips of cardboard and used my glue dots to hold them onto the wire, and created a solid base for the ribbon spools to sit on.  I soon realized that these same bins would hold my SU punches perfectly!  I set them 2 deep, so one bin holds 8 large punches!


Here is a picture of those cabinets with the doors open.  It’s a great place to store my magazines and old catalogs, along with everything else!  I store my cut ribbon in Planters Mixed Nut containers.  They are square so they fit nicely!


Here is a shot of the 48" wide cabinet I bought.  I LOVE THIS ONE!!  It helps hide my stamps and other supplies that were just piled up and in those extra carts!!


Here is a look inside the cabinet.  I was able to store my stamps, supplies, wheels, tins, and scrapbook stuff in here.  I still had to use the top too, but I don’t mind!!  On top I store my extra catalogs, envelopes, cards made, cards received, etc.  The baskets I found at Michaels and my stamp sets fit in there great.  When I found these, I really thought that I could get three across, but I was just 1/4" off.  What a bummer.  The hunt started all over again for something just a shy narrower so I could take advantage of the whole shelf!  I found the white bins at the dollar store!  I was happy about that!

As much as the cabinets have helped, it’s amazing how much stuff is still sitting around!  I’m trying to convince my husband to spend some of the tax refund on maybe 3 or 4 more of the small cabinets for the wall above my paper and computer.  It would be nice to have space for the kids’ craft stuff as well.  Right now, it’s scattered all over the store room and stacked beside my computer table.  I’d love it to disappear!!!

Even though I don’t have a whole gallery/studio room like some, I really enjoy the space that I have.  If you have any organization tips, I’d love for you to share them with me.  Leave a comment on this post so others can benefit from them too!

My visitor count is getting close to 3500.  I will post soon some blog candy to celebrate!  Leave a comment for my craft room space entry and share a story with me about your craft room space.  Once I hit 3500 visitors, I will randomly draw a winner from those who have posted here!

Until Next Time……Happy Organizing!!

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