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Recovering Nicely!

Well, last time I posted I was headed for surgery!  It was an issue in the works for about a year.  Once we decided that surgery was the answer than I was all about getting it scheduled before the end of the year!  I realize that meant missing Thanksgiving with my family but I would much rather miss that than Christmas!!!   I had a mass that needed to be removed that was around 8 cm.  The surgery was supposed to last about 2 to 2-1/2 hours and was being done laproscopically so I wasn’t even anxious about it.   They surgery began and they soon realized that the mass had grown a LOT in the last month.  They were now looking at removing a kid’s sized nerf basketball from my abdomen.   The surgery lasted for 5 hours!!!  I am so grateful to have a very calm and patient Dr. that just widdled her way through.  She said I was very close to having to be unzipped from the belly button down! Not something I would have been thankful for at all!  They had to add an extra hole for the robot to get in and around all the tissue but I’ll take that anyday over being sliced!!!

I was hoping to try to play a little today in the craft room but my hubby is home working today and that would be rather distracting to him so I’m looking forward to that tomorrow.  I figure that is real “light duty” and should be kind of fun since I can’t do anything else right now!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers during my surgery and recovery!  I really appreciate every one of them!  Hope to be back soon!!!

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Yesterday was one of those day where I was busy from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed!  Tod worked from home yesterday too because we had the AT&T guy coming to install the digital upgrade package for our TV, Phone and Internet.  I also ran errands for buying plants and flowers, etc.  I did MULTIPLE loads of laundry, which ended up in piles on my bed too.  After I got the kids from school we had to get supper ready and Gabby ready for her soccer game at 6:00.  We didn’t eat before we left, but I wanted it ready so when we got home we could eat.  After the AT&T guy  left, my wonderful husband went to pick up my new freezer.  He wasn’t able to go to Gabby’s game because he was doing that.  I’m so glad that I was able to get video of one of her goals.  At least he could see the replay!!  I’m so proud of her, and I’m posting the video for you to see too!!!

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So Proud of Gabby!

Gabby and three of her friends sang for church this morning. It is our annual Mission’s Conference weekend and it was great! I thought I would post the video here for you to enjoy!

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I guess I’ll share a card first and then if you want to catch up on what’s been going on this last week you can read below!!
This is a card that I started before we left town. It was going to be for the Featured Stamper Challenge 72 and also the Color Challenge 171. I did substitute River Rock for Kraft since I didn’t have any.
I stamped the main image onto Soft Sky with Craft Black and then embossed it with black embossing powder. Then I stamped the same image onto the River Rock with White Craft ink and embossed it with white embossing powder. I trimmed the images down to the sizes I needed.


Stamps: Fresh Cuts
Paper: Soft Sky, River Rock (instead of Kraft), White, Black
Ink: Craft White, Craft Black, Soft Sky, Black
Accessories: Black EP, White EP, Brads, Dimensionals


Family update…..
So much has happened in my family in the last week, I hardly know where to start. you obviously saw the post about my Aunt. We went to Rochester to be with her and came back home Saturday night. She seemed to be doing well at that point and we had to wait for the infection to clear up before they can implant another pacemaker. We are waiting to hear when that procedure will take place.

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Saturday was Joshua’s 10th Birthday!  It was a nice relaxing day that we all spent at home together.  He chose to go to Cracker Barrel for his Bday supper and then we headed over to Cabela’s to look around and accompany Dad who actually wanted to buy something!  I left without my camera so I didn’t get any pictures of our supper or outing.  Bummer!
Here are a few Pics from the day at home!




The erector set is quite challenging!  He’s enjoying it, but has to take a break quite frequently to keep from getting frustrated!  We’ve learned that the tools they include for you to use don’t always fit into the places you are supposed to use them!!!  It does take a lot of patience!!

His big present this year was a new bike.  Hopefully this one will last for quite a while!  The Erector set was from his Uncle Hippy (Jeremy), Aunt Stacey and cousins JP and Tabitha!
The Pictionary game was from his sister!


We spent a lot of the day playing games.  We played Phase 10 the card game and also Phase 10 the dice game.  Here are a few pics from that!



We had  a fun time playing.  The last picture on the right was Josh frustrating his dad!!  He was having fun dealing however he wanted to!  Dad is a stickler for dealing CORRECTLY!!!  (Stacey- we just talked about that when I was home last!!!)  It was a fun day!
Happy Birthday to my #1 Son!  (I can say that because I only have one!!!)
Enjoy your week and hug your kids!!!

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Have You Had the Crud?

Well, we are dealing with that right now!  I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately and it might be a few more days before I can get back to it.  I’m the only one that hasn’t let this crud take residence in my body!  My husband has been sick since last Tuesday, my daughter started her fever on Saturday (and is now on Albuteral, Orapred, and codeine cough syrup!) and now my son is home with a fever and cough.  Boy do they all sound nasty!!!  I’m scared to breathe in this house!!!!  The bad part about this is…..next week is spring break!  I don’t want to miss out on a "free" week!!  Oh well, if you think about it, say a little prayer for my family that everyone will be healthy soon! (and that I don’t get this crud!!!)  Hope you all are doing well!  I hope to post something for you soon!

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Have You Been Elfed??

I just got an email from one of my kids’ teachers and she sent me her elf video of her kids!  It was so cute, so I made one of my kids!  You can see it here!  This was so fun!  Make one for yourself and post a comment back here with the link so I can see your kids too!!!

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