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Oh My Goodness!!! I {LOVE} Lauren!!! She is one of my favorite crafting idols! She really has a talent for papercrafting!! She has put together a video of her craft space. One thing I love to see is where everyone does their creating. Check out her blog here!

Here is her video! Enjoy!!! Please stop by and leave her a comment on her blog, if you enjoyed this video as much as I did!! Just a warning, the video is 18 minutes long, but totally worth it! She has some great organizational tips for a small work area!

Watch My stamping space in Faith Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

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My Changing Craft Space….

I was so excited last year when I was able to purchase a few cabinets for my craft area.  I sold a TON of stuff on ebay to get them.  Well, after still dealing with clutter all the time, I decided I needed to get some more!  Notice I said needed!!  That is for sure!!  I still had stuff under each table and my work space was overflowing!  My mom sent me some early Christmas $$ in the form of a Lowe’s gift card, and that’s what my husband got me as well!  I was hoping for white, but I couldn’t find any that would be as versatile as these.  I’ll take whatever works.  I don’t have the time or $$ to be picky about color!!  My space isn’t quite finished but here’s what I have so far!  A lot of my inspiration came from Nichole Heady!  If you haven’t seen her studio, then you need to check it out!


This wall unit is where my table used to be.  I don’t have everything organized the way I want it, but I have to do little by little.  The white cubbies in the corner are from Target.  I’m hoping to get some photo boxes for Christmas to help complete that organization.  I have my eyelets,  brads, etc. store in the craft organizers there on the right hand side of the picture.  I punched out carstock to represent the colors in each case.
My cardstock is now in Cropper Hopper paper holders on the top right shelf unit.  I wasn’t sure if I would really like it that way, but I think it’s gonna work great.
I still need to buy some doors for the bottom units.  Especially the unit on the right.  I have items to alter and stuff in this one that should be behind closed doors!!  It’s the messiest one!
I think that some of the things in the center bottom unit will go into photo boxes when I get them, so those shelves will change eventually.
I only have one unit on the far right.  I still have to purchase one more and then one more drawer and doors for the bottom.  I’m going to leave the top units open.  That’s the stuff I use the most!  Ribbon will be going into the canisters….eventually!!!


Here is what that wall looks like from back a ways!  I will have a 6th unit to complete that empty space.  I bought the last three from my Lowe’s, then I went to another one and bought the last two that they had. 


Here is my workspace from the other direction.  When I’m sitting at my table, the other wall units are on my right.  Hopefully, we will be adding a little man made work area on the wall directly behind my workspace.  Right now there is an old desk that doesn’t work for anything!  I think we’re going to add a couple of filing cabinets (which we really need) and a countertop, to make our own man made desk!!!  That will help with some filing too!!

Can you believe the floor is basically clean!!  The white cube to the right of my chair has patterned 12×12 paper in it.  It’s quite heavy and when you pull out the drawer it likes to tip forward.  I decided the floor was the best place for that!!  The only other think on the floor is my CPU for the computer, and my trash can!!!!  I’m so excited about this, you have no idea!!!
I’m not sure what happened to my other post about the first cabinets that I got. (they are the ones in this photo above), but if you click on the words "last year" at the beginning of this post, it will take you to my SCS gallery that shows the original set up.  I like this one much better!!!
If you have any other ideas that you think will work for my space, leave me a comment and let me know what they are!!!

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