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RAK Set 5!!!

I believe this is the last set!  Guess this means I better get busy and post something of my own!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope your week is fabulous!

I sure hope these cards have been an inspiration to you!  She sure did bless my heart with this wonderful gift!

Until Next Time……Happy Stamping!

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RAK Set 4!

So have I been blessed or what?!?!  I hope you are enjoying the cards from Jean as much as I am!!!

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RAK Set 3

More beautiful cards by Jean!  Don’t forget to click on them to see a larger version!

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RAK Set 2

Here is the next set of cards that I wanted to share with you.

Thanks again Jean!!!

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Could I really be typing up a blog post?  Did you happen to notice the last one was back in APRIL?  Oh my!  I will tell you that I have been in my craft area this morning, but not creating cards just yet.  First you have to uncover the area to be able to use it!  Second, I had some cards that a dear friend sent that I wanted to share with you.  In order to do that, they needed to be photographed!  SO, that is what I have gotten done today!  I’m hoping that accomplishing that will encourage me to get back down there to create for myself.

I have a friend that I’ve never met in person.  Her name is Jean and she lives in New Jersey!  She is such a peach and I really wish I could just hop on a plane and go see her!  There are so many of you that I have gotten to know through SCS, Blogging, FB, etc that I would love to meet!  Maybe someday life will bring us face to face, but for now, I’ll love you all through the world wide web!

The cards I want to share with you today are from my friend Jean.  She sent me some HAPPY MAIL and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Aren’t these adorable!  Come back tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have more to share!!!  It’s going to be the Jean Bean Showcase!!  🙂

Happy Creating!!

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