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Baby Shower Trio!

I’ve been working on a little project but haven’t really shared it with anyone yet! It’s for my daughter’s 3rd Grade teacher Mrs. DuVall. She is getting ready to have her first baby and we (the class) are hosting a baby shower for her on tomorrow! I’ve been dying to post these photos on FB but realized I can’t, since she is one of my friends!!! Then I remembered that I can post it on my blog, I just can’t publish it to my FB page yet!! So….here’s is what I’ve been working on!

(you can click to enlarge photo)

For these Thank You cards, my daughter helped out!  She always loves the opportunity to help mom in the craft room!  I handed her the blank cards and told her to stamp the images in the middle!  I think she did a pretty great job!!  After she returned them to me, I stamped the saying and ran them through my Cuttlebug along with my scalloped rectangle Nestabilities and the rubber mat.  I added the rubber mat so that I would only get the embossed shape and not a cut out shape.

The next thing Gabby and I worked on together was the shower gift/decoration!  I am on the committee for decorations for the main table.  I looked around and wasn’t really impressed with what I could find.  So, I decided to tackle this diaper cake.  It was soooo much fun to make and Gabby and I enjoyed working on this together!

To start the cake, we rolled a LOT of diapers!!  We used the clear hair bands to keep them rolled up.  To start the assembly, we placed an 8 oz baby bottle in the center of our cake platter.  (Our cake platter is just a cardboard circle that is 12″ in diameter!)  Inside of the baby bottle is a great supply of Dove Dark Chocolates!  Just a little treat for mom later!  To secure the diapers around the baby bottle, we used a large rubber band.  Just keep tucking those diapers inside the rubber band and around the baby bottle.  Then start the second around  but continuing to tuck those diapers inside that rubber band.  You just keep stretching it wider and wider!!  The base layer of the cake has 3 rings of diapers!  The second layer has 2 rings and the top is just one ring around.  When you move to the second tier, you place another baby bottle on top of the last one.  You can fill it with goodies as well, or take the top off to help with the cake topper.   I had filled both bottles with chocolate, but when I finally figured out what to use for my cake topper, I had to remove the lid and tuck the little legs down in the top of the bottle for stability!  That little lion has 4 stubby little legs and they are tucked down in so that he will stay on top and only his head shows!!  Of course I will give her all the extra little pieces and parts so that everything she receives is complete!

For the extras included, I chose to purchase some bibs and onesies, baby lotion, powder and baby bath, sunscreen and spoons.  I rolled the bibs  and the onesies and tucked them in, in place of a diaper.  I wrapped all 3 tiers with a wide ribbon.  I tried to secure the ribbon on the back side, overlapping with double sided tape but it doesn’t seem to hold.  So then I added glue dots and still didn’t seem to want to stay so I added baby blue paper clips to help secure the ribbon.

I added the chipboard accents to the front to help accent the baby jungle theme!

These little carriage cards are the last thing that we’ve made to contribute to this baby shower.  I figure we will set them on the table and then I will give them to her teacher when we’re done.  I have several sizes of square envelopes so I’m sure I have some that these will fit into!  I used the Nestabilities largest scalloped circle for the main carriage part.  When you cut it, lay the die cut over the edge of your card so you maintain a folded section to make it a card.  Next you cut a section out to create the shape.  Then you cut the same circle out of patterned paper and apply it however you would like!  The wheels are made from a 1-1/4″ circle punch and a 1″ circle punch.  I just poked a brad through each one and attached them.  You can create trim however you would like.  You will notice that I even adhered one different than the others, just to see what it would look like!  Once again I chose this DP to go with the jungle animals theme!  The bows were made with my Bow Easy!!!  I ordered one right before Thanksgiving but the was the first opportunity to use it!  It is soooo slick and love how easy it is to make a bow without stressing over it!!  I purchased mine from Sharon Johnson at No Time to Stamp!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this baby shower ensemble!

Until Next Time….Happy Creating!

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Before Christmas I decided to finally purchase the Bow Easy!  I’ve been wanting one for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to purchasing one!  Since I’m a visual learner, just looking at the instructions about gave me a headache!  Not that they aren’t detailed enough or anything, I just need to see someone else do it!!  I found these videos that were very helpful and I’m posting them here so I can access them easily again!!  Hope you enjoy them too!

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