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Mrs. Frankie and Frosty…

After I finished Frankie yesterday, I knew I really wanted to complete a candy bar wrapper and then make a Frosty with the same concept. I first saw Frosty on Dawn’s blog. Dawn also made the Frankie candy bar wrappers!! She’s been busy getting ready for their fall party. Here’s mine! I decided that Frosty needs some Holly on his hat, but I don’t think I have anything like that. I’ll have to look later when my basement is more in order!! I still need to replace 2 of my cabinets so I don’t have things put away yet because there isn’t any place to put them!!


I’m not sure what size Dawn made her snowman card, but mine measure’s 3-1/2″ x5-1/2. I used my 1/2″ circle punch for his mouth. The eyes are made from the 1″ circle punch and the 1-3/8″ circle punch. The nose is 1/2 of a circle punched with the 1-3/8″ circle punch!

Until Next Time, Happy Creating!!



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