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…in the Bind It All??  I don't own one, but I've thought about it from time to time!  I have also had friends and customers ask me about it too.  Since I can't really help them, I thought maybe this video would explain a lot for them.

Dan's Bind It All Video

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I do a lot of blog surfing when I have time!!! I love looking at everyone’s talent and sometimes it actually inspires me!!! The other day I was checking out one of my regular’s...Techno Stamper by MaryJo Price-Williams. She had this AWESOME gift giving idea! Check it out!! You can find her complete tutorial here!


Until Next Time…..Happy Stamping!


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Mood Matches Weather…

Well, today it has been raining all day. Days like that make you tired and usually make me feel lazy or a tad bit down. Well, my mood would definitely be categorized as “down” right now. I just got word that a fellow church member and friend has lost his battle with cancer. I celebrate in the fact that he is no longer suffering from this awful disease, and that his body is now perfect. But I feel so sad for the family as I know he will be dearly missed. Tonight at AWANA I want my Jr. Girls to be able to express their feelings to his dear wife. I have made this Card holder from Lauren Meader’s Timeless Templates. This one is the Music Makeover template.


I wanted to accent the “Prince of Peace” name, so I traced over it with my Diamond Stickles. Inside is a card that I made a while ago and hadn’t given it to anyone yet. You can find that card here.
Please remember the Marsh family as they go through this difficult time.


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At my workshop that I had this weekend, I had several people ask how to make a descent bow.  I am definitely not a professional at that by any means!!  I actually learned from Valerie Stangle.  Her video is posted under video tutorials here as well (in the left hand column of my blog).  Another bow tying video you’ll find here is one by Kristina Werner.  Make sure you check them all out, because everyone has a little different approach.  One may work better for you than another!  Today in my blog reading, I stumbled across another video made by Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace.  Here is her video!  It also helps answer the question of how to use one sided ribbon and have your bow turn out correctly!  I hope this helps you all!


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Mrs. Frankie and Frosty…

After I finished Frankie yesterday, I knew I really wanted to complete a candy bar wrapper and then make a Frosty with the same concept. I first saw Frosty on Dawn’s blog. Dawn also made the Frankie candy bar wrappers!! She’s been busy getting ready for their fall party. Here’s mine! I decided that Frosty needs some Holly on his hat, but I don’t think I have anything like that. I’ll have to look later when my basement is more in order!! I still need to replace 2 of my cabinets so I don’t have things put away yet because there isn’t any place to put them!!


I’m not sure what size Dawn made her snowman card, but mine measure’s 3-1/2″ x5-1/2. I used my 1/2″ circle punch for his mouth. The eyes are made from the 1″ circle punch and the 1-3/8″ circle punch. The nose is 1/2 of a circle punched with the 1-3/8″ circle punch!

Until Next Time, Happy Creating!!


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Here’s Frankie!!

I am not much for Halloween. I HATE most of the costumes out there, and who really needs all that candy anyway!!?? Even if you’re not big on Halloween like me, everyone loves Frankie! The card version anyway!! This was the first chance I’ve had to make one! I’d really like to make a Mrs. to go with him too! Dawn G made a cute candy bar wrapper out of him too! You can find her post here! I also don’t have the stamp that says “Friends. Good. Frankenstein” from the Smarty Pants set. Oh well! I think he’s still cute!


Until Next Time…..Happy Creating!!!


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I haven’t had a chance to check out the October issue of Sheetload of Cards yet, but I LOVED the card on the front cover. I need to find out who made it so I can give them proper credit, but you can find it here! Anyway, who doesn’t LOVE Blue and Brown? I love it almost as much as I love Pink and Brown! I decided this would be the perfect card for my workshop this weekend. I scaled back just a little, but I still like the final product!


Stamps: Upsy Daisy, Priceless
Ink: Chocolate Chip, Bashful Blue
Paper: Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Bashful Blue
Accessories: Ribbon, Circle Punches: 1-1/4″, 1-3/8″, and Scallop, Dimensionals

I am very slowly trying to get my basement back in order from the water problem. We found a spot that we think may have leaked water previously as well. Two of my craft cabinets are going into the trash. 😦 I just got those for Christmas last year too. They are just laminated, particle board and two of them are ruined. Because of that, and the area we need to keep an eye on, I’m going to have to rearrange a little bit. I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work, but we’ll see. I wish I would have taken pictures before I started the clean up process. You’d be surprised at what a mess we had!!! All I have to say is that I am very thankful that I was able to stamp tonight! It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve been able to PLAY in my craft area!!

Until Next Time…..Happy Stamping!!!


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While checking out Mels blog I found that she had put together a list of over 100 uses for the Scor Pal.  I just used mine this past week to make bindings for 6 little coaster books that I made for a baby shower.  Of course I just realized this morning that I never even took a picture of them!  Too bad now, the shower was last Sunday and they are home with the guest of honor!!

Below is her post!! (Aug 18
, 2008)

Over 100 links / Things you can do with your SCOR-PAL (& counting!)

The Scor-Pal:

(Sorry y'all that this initially went out to mailboxes unfinished, but here's the finished version) :O)

This one's for you Noreen! Inky hugs!

What's the Scor-Pal? I'd
me remiss if I called it a scoring tool, since I've discovered that
it's also an amazingly versatile & artful embosser. I never knew
until I had one (and also spent a day drooling over these links) that I
couldn't live without it! It makes everyday scoring a bazillion times
easier & it opens up new worlds of homemade papers.

  • There are a ton of free project tutorials (the projects section) (clicking on both the links in the left and right columns will let you see a ton of great schtuff)
  • The Scor-pals Yahoo group: Scor-Pal Pals (you can share your creations there.)


  1. Scor-Pal & Score It by Sharon
  2. Review @ Kaboodle
  3. Review @ Craft Critique
  4. & reviewed here too by Lauren & here too
  5. Scor-Pal Review by Kris
  6. Julie's Review of the Scor-Pal
  7. The Scor-Mat review by Nichole


Some of my Tutorial faves
(from scor-pal.com):

  1. The Purse Collection by Brenda (WOWza!)
  2. Lauren's Scor-pal envelope (So adaptable!)
  3. Valerie's A2 envelope (perfect for bulky cards)
  4. Maria's Handmade CardBox (SO sweet!)
  5. Linsey's Ice cream cones (Yummy!)
  6. Jen's Mini pizza box (cute cute cute)
  7. Lynn's Card Caddy (perfect gift)
  8. Beate's Tiny Take-out Box (awww!)

(from other sources):

The Grid Baby!:

  1. Grid cards by Judy (on scor-pal.com)
  2. Beate's grid technique tutorial
  3. One of Beate's pretty grid cards
  4. & Beate's paper-pierced grid!
  5. cwilliams stamps first & grids later (me likey!)
  6. The grid technique gallery
  7. & The "got grid" challenge gallery
  8. Grid technique (video tutorial) by Kim
  9. Gina K's Scor-Pal grid tutorial#1 (square grid)
  10. & tutorial#2 (diagonal grid)
  11. Grid window by Debbie
  12. Bead the grid
  13. Faux French Knot the grid (card here) & tutorial here
  14. Susan's bathroom tile (on scor-pal.com)
  15. Kelly's peony grid card (on scor-pal.com)
  16. Debbie's lattice (grid in a frame) (on scor-pal.com)
  17. Sanded grid! by Cary ( from scor-pal.com)
  18. Scoring with markers by Rita (on scor-pal.com)
  19. Becca' gorgeous double embossing (Cuttlebug then grid!)
  20. Faith inks the grid
  21. Cammie's grid under vellum
  22. Imastampin's neat grid angle
  23. blessingsX3's Kinkade window
  24. Rox71 uses part of a grid to add interest to a collage card
  25. Susie nelson uses block grids for paper piecing squares!
  26. Rohla's double-layer grid
  27. artystamper's cool subway tile grid look
  28. stampaholic17 Stamps a dot where grid lines meet
  29. flaxychick stamps, grids & stamps again!

Fantastic Projects:

  1. Maria's sweet simple tri-fold card
  2. & her 4×4 mini tri-fold album (video!)
  3. Heather's sweet purse-onality book
  4. Leslie's Double-accordion gatefold (that stays shut!)
  5. Beth's super Explosion Box
  6. & Beth's Tote Tutorial
  7. & her Small file box & gift box tutorial
  8. & her Recycled coaster card booklet
  9. Heather's Scor-Pal & fiskar's rotary cutter faux stitching (coolio!)
  10. Round Gatefold card tutorial by Debbie
  11. Moni's amazing folder tutorial
  12. Sharon's gorgeous way of adding lines to a card
  13. and here & here too.
  14. Scallop flap gift card holder (with Nesties) by Debbie
  15. Lace edge & Scor-Pal lines by Linda
  16. Lisa's Treat-a-lope
  17. ellepaul's double frame with eyelets
  18. Paula's envelope scrapbook tutorial
  19. Ashley's vellum pocket envelope (video)
  20. Lindsay's Tall treat boxes
  21. Scor-Pal CD case (video) by FreckledFunDesigns
  22. Scor-pal projects SCS thread
  23. A sweet card (reverse grid technique) by mom2grace
  24. Spooky sweets by Nichole
  25. Vicki's one-sheet pocket book
  26. & Vicki's never ending card tutorial (with template)
  27. Maria's coat card tutorial
  28. Sweet ruffled faux ribbon tutorial by Eleonor
  29. Party Package by Lauren (with a purse)
  30. SueR's nugget box revamped for the Scor-pal
  31. Little nugget or favour purse by Elizebeth
  32. Jen's Sweet Scrapbook Purse & Accordion Album
  33. Heather's BonBon Box (Scor-Pal & Coluzzle)
  34. Beate's partial Cuttlebug & Scor-Pal embossing Tut
  35. Partial Cuttlebug with Scor-Pal lines by Sue
  36. Sue's gorgeous Heart Prints gallery
  37. Mary Jo's Pop Up card here & her tutorial here
  38. Rose Ann's Flap card tutorial
  39. Jen's adorable 2-4-6-8 favour box
  40. Laurie's 3×3 note card box
  41. Beate's Meander Book
  42. Vicki's tri-pocket card
  43. Annette's Photo altering (neato!)
  44. & her quick grid for room planning (too clever!)
  45. & Annette's sweet little Scor-Pal frame
  46. Diane's Scor-Pal Sampler
  47. Diane's Striped cardstock
  48. & a number of her cute Scor-Pal cards
  49. Vicki's seed packet holder
  50. & her double accordion album
  51. artystamper's large embossed frame with faux stitching
  52. & #1artist4highhopes' Scor-Pal frame with faux stitch
  53. Dawn L's Scor-Pal lines as a guide to cut out squares
  54. Kharmagirl uses lines to subtly highlight ribbon
  55. Hobbywoman's classy stripes
  56. myboys makes ribbon on a gift-box shaped card
  57. Silvia's arc with Scor-pal boards here & here too
  58. Etha combines nesties with scor-pal lines to bee intricate
  59. Gift Box in a Bag by Vicki for Inspirational
  60. Kisa's Embossed Stitches

ETA: Schtuff I made up:

Beaded Scor-Pal Grid
Blinged up Scor-Pal stripes (or grid)
Distressed Scor-Pal marker grid (& an example here)
Faux French Knot (& a sample here & another example here)
Faux Tin Tile (& an example here)
Purses with gem studded Scor-Pal quilting

Scor-em if you got 'em! ;O)

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I found this super cool purse from Mel Stampz! This would be perfect for my daughter’s next B-day party!! I Love all of the bling!! you can find her tutorial here! There is also a link below the picture to download the template that she used.


You can download the pattern here!

Download mel_stampz_purse_box_template.pdf

She also has a list of all kinds of purse patterns! There are 144 and counting!! I haven’t had a chance to check them all out yet, but HOW COOL!!! Thanks Mel for sharing all of your hard work with us!!


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